Montana Diplomatic Relationships

Montana's Formal International Relationships

Except for a handful of countries (like North Korea), every country in the world has a diplomatic envoy to the United States via an Embassy located in Washington, D.C. Beyond this, most countries also have consulates located throughout the United States that are diplomatically responsible for 5-7 state regions of the United States. Montana’s regional consulates are mostly located in Seattle, Denver, and San Francisco but their representatives make frequent trips to our state.

These consulates have a variety of different roles such as working for their citizens (i.e. passports and visas, legal matters, health issues), promoting relationships with their country via relationships with government officials, and working to promote bilateral business and investment. Beyond these formal ties, Montana also has many connections on the citizen level that are assisted by Export Montana.  

The State of Montana and cities across the State have established a number of formal and informal international relationships benefiting communities by enriched cultural diversity and global awareness. These relationships vary in the level of activities and are ultimately dependent upon citizen involvement for creating dynamic exchange opportunities and welcoming visitors.

Montanans have enjoyed a wide range of educational and culture exchanges including music, sports, business, performing and visual arts, and traditional festivals. Conversely, Montana students, teachers, performing artists and citizens have been afforded the opportunity to travel abroad and participate in exchange events. These exchange programs have helped put Montana on the world map as a tourist destination and place of academic excellence.

Establishing long-term international relationships and building trust is paramount to doing business globally. Sister state relationships formalized with other governments legitimize the efforts of the private sector and illustrate a commitment to long-term relationships. Sister state relationships provide companies another way of establishing and strengthening their international networks. Since these exchanges and relationships are already in place, the people you meet will know a little bit about where you are from and may have even met other Montanans. When you travel to a sister region, you will be greeted as much more than a potential business partner; you will be welcomed as a friend.

Formal Sister State Relationships

Kumamoto Prefecture, JAPAN
Taiwan Province, TAIWAN
Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, CHINA

Other Prominent Relationships

Patagonia Region (Argentina /Chile)
(formed through Partners of the Americas)
Republic of Kyrgyzstan
(formed under a NATO/US Department of Defense initiative and staffed by the Montana Department of Military Affairs)

Diplomatic Contacts for Partner Countries

What is an honorary consul? 

Honorary consuls in Montana are United States citizens living in the state with special ties to a particular foreign country. Each consul has their own unique connections based on business, personal heritage or academics. Each has a special spot in their heart for Montana and the country they represent.
Created through internationally-recognized treaties, honorary consuls are nominated and approved by the highest levels of government in their sponsor countries and are confirmed by the United States Department of State.

Consuls assist foreign nationals from their sponsor countries with immigration and legal matters, foster student and academic exchanges, encourage business and cultural ties, and work in a bi-lateral manner to promote understanding and education between Montana and the sponsor countries.

Montana Honorary Consul Members

There are currently six honorary consul members, as well as one official ‘friendship representative’ in Montana. They are:

Lee A. Freeman, Jr., Honorary Consul of The Czech Republic
Livingston, MT 59047
406.222.6336 or 406.223.1716 - Evenings/Weekends

Chantal Davoine Moser, Honorary Consular Agent of France
Missoula, MT 59803

Yuji Morisaki, Kumamoto, Japan Friendship Representative
Kalispell, MT 59901

Ian Marquand, Honorary Consul of Japan
Helena, MT 59601

Kent Madin, Honorary Consul of Mongolia
Bozeman, MT 59715

James Sites, Honorary Consul of Norway
Billings, MT 59103

Jorge Quintana, Cuba Connections Corp. 
Helena, MT 59601