The Montana Business Landscape

An astounding 98 percent of Montanans say outdoor recreation is important to their quality of life. Montana’s outdoor spaces—amazing, unmatched resources including approximately 38 million acres of public land, 170,000 miles of rivers, 3,200 named lakes, and habitat that spans mountain peaks to prairie wilderness—are part of our national identity, and the backdrop for opportunity.

Those open spaces are good business. Montana’s Outdoor Recreation Industry accounts for $7.1 billion in consumer spending and more than 71,000 jobs—the 2nd largest sector of the state’s economy. It’s not just revenues or jobs, either. Montana’s natural landscapes define a lifestyle that attracts and fuels thriving businesses from all sectors—which makes Montana a premier location for entrepreneurial start-ups or business relocation.

Office of Outdoor Recreation & Montana's Economy

Montana has the most diverse and robust outdoor recreation economy in the nation thanks to the historically deep commitment of state leadership to conserve public land and water for a broad range of outdoor activities. Our state leadership has a proven record of continuing to expand access to those resources. By forming the Office of Outdoor Recreation, Governor Bullock is demonstrating to Montanans-and all public land owners in the United States-that access to healthy public land and water are not only a valuable part of our heritage, they form the backbone of Montana's-and the country's-future economies.

The Office of Outdoor Recreation was founded to ensure that our recreation resources continue to thrive and provide opportunity for current and future generations. To further the growth of this industry and safeguard the unique interests that enable its success, the Office of Outdoor Recreation serves as a centralized point of contact and coordination for the broad outdoor recreation constituency. The office focuses on advocacy, policy, support, and growing new opportunities within the outdoor recreation industry-wherever your business might involve outdoor recreation, we can help. This commitment makes Montana an ideal environment to innovate, develop, test, and use products and services that will determine the future of the industry and elevate the economies around it.