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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sunburst Teams Sweep Challenge

Fairfield Sun Times

For the first time in High School Business Challenge history, three teams from one school placed in the top three spots.  Teams from North Toole County (Sunburst) High School have consistently been in the top ten throughout the spring semester.

The first place winners actually tied, with a final stock price of $108.55/share.  The third-place team ended with a stock price of $108.15/share.  All teams start with a stock price of $25/share.  First place team members receive a $750 scholarship each while third place receives $250.

Other scholarships will be awarded to a team from Plains High School who had the highest increase in their stock price between quarter four and quarter eight, increasing their stock price by $59.32 in the last four quarters.  And finally, scholarships will be awarded to a team from Ennis High School, recipients of the ‘Lottery Scholarship’ - a randomly selected team who finished in the top quartile.  These students will each receive a $250 scholarship

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