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2017 Montana Economic Development Report

It may be accurate, at this time, to say Montana has been discovered. With unprecedented interest from external businesses and workforce in relocating to our state, we have an opportunity to use this interest to drive intentional, thoughtful growth. Historically, Montana has relied on natural resource extraction and agriculture to drive its economy. While those industries...
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2015 Montana Economic Development Report

2015 Montana Economic Development Report

This is an exciting time for the state of Montana. We are experiencing strong business and employment growth, increasing wages, and expanding industries. Unemployment levels are nearly a full percentage point below the national average at 4 percent, and more Montanans are at work all across the state than ever before. Over the past few years, Montana has been consistently...
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Annual conference held to help women in business

Professional women learned some tips Thursday for being business leaders, with more than 250 ladies attending the Women to Women Conference, which focused on professional development and networking.

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Sunburst Teams Sweep Challenge

For the first time in High School Business Challenge history, three teams from one school placed in the top three spots.  Teams from North Toole County (Sunburst) High School have consistently been in the top ten throughout the spring semester. The first place winners actually tied, with a final stock price of $108.55/share.  The third-place team ended with a...
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Montana Workers Ranked Highest in U.S. for Employee Engagement According to a Recent Gallup Poll

Montana Workers Ranked Highest in U.S. for Employee Engagement According to a Recent Gallup Poll

Workers in Montana, followed closely by those in Mississippi and Louisiana, had the highest levels of employee engagement in 2013 and 2014. With 22% of workers engaged, the District of Columbia had the lowest employee engagement, followed by New York, Minnesota and Connecticut.

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