Montana's Manufacturing
"There is so much innovation and technology being developed in Montana."
- Alan Mullaly, CEO of Ford Motors

Montanans have a long history of being “makers”, people who have the skills and knowledge to create the products that make our lives easier and our future brighter. That ingenuity extends into the state’s manufacturing industry.  As of 2013, there were 3,098 total manufacturing businesses in the state, and that number is growing all the time as the global economy improves.  That growth is great news for the state’s bottom line, since each manufacturing job creates 2.58 new jobs elsewhere in the economy, and an additional $1.72 in earnings will be created for each $1.00 in the manufacturing industry.

Montana manufacturing businesses also have a powerful partner in the Montana Manufacturing Extension Center (MMEC),  a statewide manufacturing outreach & assistance center that offers services ranging from business operations assessments to marketing advice through a collaboration with the Montana Department of Commerce.  Between 1996 and 2012, MMEC helped Montana manufacturing firms increase or retain $824.3 million in sales, cut costs by $92.3 million, and create or retain 2796 jobs.


Quick Facts

  • Produces over $14 billion in output annually
  • Exports $1.5 billion annually
  • 3,098 companies (NAICS 31-39) employ 22,100 workers
  • Pays $1.1 billion per year in worker earnings
  • Annual wage approximately $49,300 per worker compared to average of $40,800 for all Montana workers
  • Makes up over 20% of Montana Basic Industry as percent of labor income
  • Job creation - each new manufacturing job creates an average of 2.8 related jobs
  • Fabricated metals, food product manufacturing, and wood products are the largest sectors after miscellaneous
  • Cluster development is emerging in aerospace, photonics, and outdoor sporting goods.

Industry Highlights




2015 Montana Economic Development Report

Governor's Office of Economic Development

This is an exciting time for the state of Montana. We are experiencing strong business and employment growth, increasing wages, and expanding industries. Unemployment levels are nearly a full percentage point below the national average at 4 percent, and more Montanans are at work all across the...




More Montana Exports Help Small Businesses

ABCFOX Montana

New numbers from the US Department of Commerce show the Treasure state filled its coffers with $1.5 billion worth of merchandise exports, a better total than in 2013.