Montana's Energy
“…what you are doing here in Montana, the businesses that you are creating…it’s phenomenal to see what’s happening.”
- Ryan Lance, CEO of Conoco Phillips

Montana is an energy powerhouse, with vast resources and incredible production capacity. Development opportunities are either in place or planned for bioenergy, coal, geothermal, hydro-electric, oil, natural gas, and wind - and Montana is rapidly strengthening the transportation infrastructure required to get our reserves to market.

Montana is positioned to help strengthen our nation’s energy independence and create our bridge to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future. Currently, six of the state’s 10 largest generating plants are hydroelectric facilities, and significant opportunities exist in geothermal “hotspots” and biofuel stocks such as camelina and algae.


Quick Facts

  • Over one-fourth of the nation’s estimated recoverable coal reserves at producing mines
  • Montana has some of best commercial wind power potential in the nation.
  • Currently produces about 1 in every 100 barrels of US oil with 4 operating refineries in the state
  • 6240 natural gas producing wells across the state
  • Wind electric power generation in Montana grew by over 30% in 2013
  • Nearly one-third of net US natural gas imports from Canada enter the country though our state
  • Several pipelines carry Montana crude oil to refineries in Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, and the Midwest
  • More underground natural gas storage than any other state in the Mountain West


Industry Highlights




2015 Montana Economic Development Report

Governor's Office of Economic Development

This is an exciting time for the state of Montana. We are experiencing strong business and employment growth, increasing wages, and expanding industries. Unemployment levels are nearly a full percentage point below the national average at 4 percent, and more Montanans are at work all across the...