Montana's BioScience
“There are only a handful of places in the world that have the resources Montana does... ...Amazing collaborative opportunities and infrastructure are the makings of a tremendous life sciences and biotechnology industry.” 
- Suresh Daniel, President of Rocky Mountain Biologicals

The discoveries that come out of the Montana bioscience industry have the power to save lives and improve global health. Montana companies are conducting research on a broad spectrum of health issues ranging from strengthening bone grafts to finding a more effective hand sanitizer. They’re creating the vaccines that will help prevent illness, and the drug treatment therapies that can restore our health.

The Montana Bioscience Alliance formed in 2004 serves as the hub for Montana’s bioscience companies and entrepreneurs. The Alliance’s mission is to commercialize, grow and sustain globally competitive bioscience companies – and ultimately to create high-quality jobs and economic opportunity in Montana. Combined with research capabilities at Montana State University and the University of Montana, Montana has all the pieces in place to help your bioscience business thrive in the global economy.


Quick Facts

  • 354 businesses established in Montana
  • Nearly 2500 people employed
  • The Montana Bio Science Alliance formed in 2004
  • National Institutes of Health (NIH) award 65 grants totaling $29 million in research funding in 2012
  • Home to Rocky Mountain Laboratories and GlaxoSmithKline

Industry Highlights




2015 Montana Economic Development Report

Governor's Office of Economic Development

This is an exciting time for the state of Montana. We are experiencing strong business and employment growth, increasing wages, and expanding industries. Unemployment levels are nearly a full percentage point below the national average at 4 percent, and more Montanans are at work all across the...